Quality Catering in Manchester, MO

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Are you wondering what to feed your guests at your next big event in Manchester or the surrounding area? You want something that everyone will love. You want something that people will still be talking about months from now. You want your event to stand out in their memories.

People love to eat and eat well. A great event can be ruined by boring, tasteless food. Likewise, a so-so event can be a huge hit because of the fabulous food

So where do you get this fabulous food from? Rizzo’s Bar & Grill, of course!

We provide fantastic catering in Manchester, MO that brings all the succulent flavors of Italy right to your event. From rich pastas to flavorful sauces to savory roasted meats, Rizzo’s has exactly what you need to amaze your guests. After all, who doesn’t LOVE Italian food? If someone were to ask you what is one thing Italians know how to do well? The first thing you would probably think of is their amazingly tantalizing dishes just dripping with deliciousness.

Check out our catering menu here to see all the great options we offer. Maybe the Chicken Marsala sounds amazing or what about our Brown Sugar and Cherry Glazed Ham? Doesn’t just reading the name make your mouth start watering? Add some delicious sides like Cavatelle Pasta or a Vegetable Medley and round it out with either our House Italian Salad or Caesar Salad. Of course all buffets come with either fresh Italian bread or impossibly soft dinner rolls.

Ready to plan your event? Are you in need of catering in Manchester, MO? Give us a call today at 636-332-6757 or stop by our restaurant in Wentzville. We warn you, though, be prepared when you step through our door to be amazed by the tantalizing aromas wafting from our kitchen!